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Designed in 1937 by A. M. Cassandre, this notable typeface is unique in that it does not have traditional lowercase characters. Instead, it has a multicase combining both capital letters and small capital letters as lowercase characters. This typeface’s characteristics really bring out the time period in which it was designed. It became a very popular font in the 40’s as a nice poster or banner typeface.

It lost popularity, however, as the International Typographic Style became favorable. It preferred more objective typefaces over decorative fonts like Peignot.

It was given a revival in the 70’s as it was used in the title sequence of the Mary Tyler Moore show and in the second season of That’s My Momma.

This typeface has a specific look that brings designs a nice vintage feel without sacrificing style.


You can download the entire font family here, although the font family is not free.

You can also download the Peignot Demi font for free here.

How did you like this font? Have you used it in any of your designs? Show off your work and post in the comments!

Peignot example

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