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The Aller typeface was created in 2008 by Marc Weymann for use by the Danish School of Media & Journalism. It features simple, clean letterforms with subtle elements that give it a unique style. My favorite design element is the pointed lowercase “t” that almost gives the look of a serif. This font is great form many applications from logos, headings, and even body copy. These subtle details really help Aller stand out from other uneventful sans serifs.

Aller has a very warm tone because of the convex stroke terminals that create softness throughout the typeface.

The creator, Marc Weymann describes Aller as having “sexy curves & a kissing k.”

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Sometimes we see fonts that are put together very well having a price tag. Aller on the other hand gives you access to the entire font family for free!

Up to 25 users can have access to this typeface for free. If you need more than 25 users to access the font, then you can purchase a license here.

Download the free version of the Aller family here.

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