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Described as a “serious typeface,” FF Cocon is unique in its rounded off ends. It works very well as a display typeface, but at small sizes, it is still very readable. Evert Bloemsma designed FF Cocon to be a typeface that did not have any characteristics of a handwritten font at all. Which was very difficult because even other neutral sans serif typefaces still has a hint of handwritten relics where a round form is attached to a straight line.

Despite this challenge, Bloemsma created a very successful typeface that is used in numerous design applications around the world. FF Cocon emerged as a typeface with rounded yet asymmetrical letterforms with brushstroke-like details. This “serious” font is great for any project looking for a unique look and feel.

cocon font


There are several options to choose from for downloading this font! You can buy the font family off of here.

If you have Adobe Creative Cloud it is also included in the integrated Typekit font library! Which you can find here.

If neither of these options do it for you, you can find a nice substitute font, Diavlo, here.

Have any designs that you created with this font? Why not post it in the comments below? And if you like this post, don’t forget to share it!


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