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A beautiful serif font designed by Emigre with elegant stems and terminals, Dalliance’s inspiration actually came from a handwriting on a German map from 1799. This map illustrated a battle that took place in Ostrach, Germany between France and Habsburg Coalition.

But why is this important to this typeface?

This map came across the desk of Emigre designers as they were creating displays for a historic museum located in a small town in Germany. One designer, Frank Heine, could not get the handwriting on this map out of his head. So he decided to create a font around the unique style. Below is the orignal writing that inspired Dalliance.



dalliance hw


The script version of Dalliance was actually created first as it more closely related to the original source. After this weight was created, Frank Heine looked into possibly creating a roman weight and making Dalliance into a full fledged font family.

The uniqueness of this font is created through the various flourishes and connecting ligatures that help create a beautiful typeface that doesn’t sacrifice legibility.


You can buy the entire font family from FontShop here.

Have any designs that you created with this font? Why not post it in the comments below? And if you like this post, don’t forget to share it!

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  • Casey Hooper

    Is this the font with which late term papers should be written?

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