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Hey Everyone!

To say thank you for being so patient while I added new features to the site, I am adding this Font of the Week with THREE new fonts for you to enjoy!

This week I am showcasing a serif, sans serif, and script typeface!






This elegant and modern serif font is inspired by first century roman inscriptions based on classical proportions. This is a great display font that not only has a strong historic foundation, but has been updated to work well with modern designs. The designer, ndiscovered, has created this font to work on screens, but based on the high contrast of the lettering, it can easily be used for print.

Not only is this font free to download, but it has been commissioned by Google to be used in their Google fonts library!


Download from ndiscovered

Google Fonts link



Everglow is my current favorite script font because it has so many different variations for most of its letters. Because of this, you are able to create so many different typographical layouts easily and quickly. I recently used this font in a brand identity I did for “Cake Pops by Jillian”. I was able to make a clean, beautiful typography piece that went well with the brand.

The designer, Seniors, specializes in script fonts, and has a wide variety of typefaces. Each with their own custom glyphs.


Unfortunately this font is not available for free, but the quality and customization is well worth the $23 price tag.

Download Everglow Here






Last but definitely not least, De La Fuente is a beautiful modern sans serif font with nice accents that make it unique from other typefaces. Although it is classified as a sans serif font, there are serif “accents” in the lower case letters, which give it a nice personality. De La Fuente was inspired by the geometry of fonts like Futura, Helvetica, and Univers.


This typeface is free to download (you will have to post to Twitter or Facebook) from Behance.

Download De La Fuente here.


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