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It has been awhile since I did a font of the month, let alone a serif font. As I’m sure you all know, life can get pretty hectic fast and all of a sudden you’ve lost a month… or two… or six.

But enough about that, this is a post talking about typefaces after all. And one of the most beautiful typefaces I’ve come across is Hagin Serif!

Created by Fontfabric, Hagin Serif makes old school cool again. Subtle serifs and strong geometric forms really help this font stand out. Its great for a wide variety of applications like shirts, logos, posters, headings, you name it!

There is also a sort of atheistic strength in all-cap typefaces. They look strong and bold, even if their weight is light. These type of fonts can go well with many other typefaces due to their strong nature.


Best part of Hagin Serif is that it is free! Just follow the link below to download it instantly (from Fontfabric)

Download Hagin Serif here.

Hagin Script Typeface

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