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Lobster is a nice script font centered around the problem that most script fonts have trouble with; connecting letters. Most script fonts sacrifice the uniqueness of each letterform in order to connect each one together to form a fluid motion. Lobster doesn’t do that. The creators, Impallari Fonts, decided to create various letterforms for multiple characters in order for the characters to connect to each other without having to sacrifice their shapes. Here is a nice picture that helps explain what I mean.


As you can tell, the bottom words have specific shapes that group together certain characters. Creating a unique and elegant typeface with almost 80 ligatures that bring it all together. Impallari Fonts are updating Lobster and adding more ligatures in order to create a fluid motion. They have worked on most of the common letter groupings, but with over 600 possible combinations, it might take a while before they have a complete set.


Best part about this font? Its free! They have worked hard to give you a beautiful script font that can be used in a variety of projects. Personally, I like to use script fonts like Lobster in conjunction with nice simple sans-serif fonts in my typography to give the piece a little more personality. You can view the Jendy’s Menu to see how I combined two fonts to create interesting titles for the items.

Click here for the download link.

Show me some of your projects that use Lobster! Comment below what you think of this font and keep checking every week for a new font to learn about and download!





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