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Lust Font


I stumbled across this font when over looking a colleagues proof of a brochure he created. My eyes were immediately drawn to the beautiful serifs that seemed to fade into nothing. I got the name of the font from my colleague and fell in love with it.

The author, Neil Summerour, set out to create a sexy font that he describes as having the “leggy body of a Brazilian supermodel.” He does not create very many serif typefaces, so when he set out to create Lust he had very specific elements.

  • Lots of contrast
  • almost demure
  • teasing ball terminals
  • serifs that went on forever

After creating the first weight, he went on to create three more. Script, Slim and Hedonist. All with the same stylistic elements, but each becoming their own independent typeface.

Although the description of this family are a little weird, I would have to agree with Summerour as this family is very sexy, and has you coming back for more.


Lust is on the expensive side (6 fonts for $199.00) but that just adds to its demeanor. A classy sexy font isn’t cheap right? It deserves more than that. You can download the entire family, or just one weight here.

Good news for Adobe CC owners! Lust Script, Didone, and Lust are included in the included Adobe Typekit font library.

Have any designs that you created with this font? Why not post it in the comments below? And if you like this post, don’t forget to share it!

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  • Trisha

    “teasing ball terminals”

    Thats a term if there ever was one.
    You’ve changed my life, I will become an adobe cc user.
    I really enjoy your font of the weeks!

    • onevio

      Thanks I really appreciate it!

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