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The name comes from the word “modern,” which describes this typeface perfectly. The designer, Gatis Vilaks, created this typeface in hopes to create “something elegant, modern and light.”

I’d say he did just that! The concept of Modeka came from the idea of combining corners and round details of letterforms in order to create a unique and aesthetic font.


Although Modeka is a very light font, it should only be used in body text sparingly. Too much of this font can really clutter up a design and make it unreadable due to the capital letter style. However, this can be used as a great accent font in combination with a nice modern serif font.


Best thing about this typeface? Its completely free! You can choose to donate to the designer during the download process, or get it for free to try it out on some of your designs! The author just asks for a link to your work so he can view how others are using his font.

Download Modeka

Have any designs that you created with this font? Why not post it in the comments below? And if you like this post, don’t forget to share it!


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