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Another great and timeless font, Rockwell has been under appreciated as a default “boring” typeface. Released in 1934, Rockwell made its debut as a display or headline font and shouldn’t be used for long bodies of text due to its monoweighted stroke. This is important to consider because the more variation in strokes and letterforms, makes it easier for our eyes to read.

Guinness World Records and the Charlotte Hornets both have used Rockwell in their publications along with the poetry publisher, Tall Lighthouse, which uses this typeface for all of their books, as well as their website.

Rockwell is a beautiful slab serif font that is geometric and uniform. It has paved the roads for all slab fonts like Cyntho and Museo, yet this typeface is usually left in the dust on all Windows machines as a generic default font.

Let’s turn that around and start using it more in our designs! Here is a nice poster designed by Meredith Dodge that helps show the essence of Rockwell.


Ready to create something with a sense of glory and honesty? Why not download Rockwell and post your creation in the comments below.

Click here for the download link.

How do you like this font? Have you used it in any projects? Let me know in the comments below!

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