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Let’s talk about steampunk and the font Starship. Steampunk is an interesting genre originated in the 70’s. Before it became widely spread, steampunk started as a science-fiction sub-genre usually based in Victorian times with a more futuristic twist.

Now, steampunk has become very popular in many different mediums, including typography! Starship is our new font of the month for May 2018 and perfectly embodies the style of steampunk.

Starship was created by Cuzine and works well for not just steampunk; but also retro and vintage designs.

The Starship font is packed full of charisma and features bold letterforms and elegant serifs. Plus, it comes in 8 different weights!


Starship comes at a great price of only $9 (at time of writing); which is well worth it! If you are a subscriber of Envato Elements like I am, you may also download it their website as well as thousands of other design assets at a reasonable monthly cost!

Download the Starship font for $9 here.

Download the Starship font from the Envato Elements subscription here.

Starship Font Download - Example Image

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