Leavebehinds and Resumes

I just finished off a project to create a brand identity for myself. I designed my resume, business card, and leavebehind to flow together and work as one big project. I just finished those off along with my site, portfolio and social media appearance!

Some of you may be asking… What is a leavebehind?

A leavebehind is simply a small portfolio that you “leave behind” at a job interview in order to create a lasting impression on the interviewer. Be as creative as you’d like with these! The more unique it is, the better!


I decided to design my leavebehind around my logo. Folded up, the piece is my logo fitted in a hexagon. Each edge of the hexagon is unfoldabe to uncover some basic information. I have different sections like skill-set, about me, self illustration, contact, and some of my best work. On the very back is a cd with my digital portfolio, a link to my site, and my resume!

I have printed and folded six of these to start off with because I have a reverse job fair Thursday! (March 19, 2015) Potential employers will be going around booths set up by students and asking them questions about their work. I am real excited for this and hope I catch a few people’s attention.


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