Nikon D3200; My new toy

Decided to treat myself with a new purchase a couple weeks ago and bought a brand new Nikon d3200! Back in 2014 when I was creating a website for Jendy’s Pizzeria, I had to use a friends camera in order to take the photos of the food because all I had was a little cell phone camera. My friend was awfully nice about letting me borrow her camera, but I hated not having it everyday and constantly asking her for more time.

So, in order to never have to deal with that again, I got my own dslr camera! Not only did I get the d3200, but I found a really nice bundle online with a whole slew of things including:

  • 50 – 200mm lens
  • 18 – 50mm lens
  • 5ft tripod
  • additional flash that goes over 20 ft (still experimenting)
  • shutter release remote
  • extra battery with car and wall charger
  • 32gb sd card with usb reader
  • sd card case that holds 16 cards
  • two ultraviolet lens protectors
  • hdmi tv adapter
  • case to hold all of it in


Now I am ready to go off and take pictures of everything that I see and make it look professional. Here are a couple test pictures I did of my cats. On the left is Dakota, and on the right is Ghost. They posed for me and everything!



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