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Harriet typeface


The Harriet font family is a nice “contemporary reflection of the serifs popular in mid-20th-century American and English design.” This gives Harriet a nice modern look with a foundation of tried-and-true serif fonts like Baskerville and Times. Since this is an entire family of typefaces, it can virtually be used anywhere and in anyway (as long as you keep legibility in mind.) This typeface is great for news sites and elegant brand identities; as it has elegant serifs that help pull the reader in.

The display styles give it just enough exuberance to sparkle while the diligent, sturdy text styles make it a true workhorse


With great fonts, sometimes you have to pay for play. Harriet is not a free font, but you are able to pick and choose which weights you enjoy the most.

Download Harriet from MyFont

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