I completed this project as part of a Design Methodology course that I took at Sullivan Tech. I was tasked to come up with a design idea that benefited my community and describe the process of creating the brand identity for my idea.

My research showed that many people in Kentucky and Indiana struggle with high blood pressure. I came up with an app, that if produced, could help the thousands of people that suffer from this health concern.

The app would track a user’s blood pressure and suggest lifestyle changes that could help lower their blood pressure This includes healthier recipes, stress reduction techniques, and communication with the user’s doctor.

I designed the branding and user interface and took the project a step further by creating an animation that depict the function and design of the product as well as the creative process for this project. In 2016 my animation won a Gold Louie and a Silver ADDY.



Logo & Branding / Layout / Video Animation



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