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Bodoni is a font that has been around forever. (Forever meaning since 1798) It was designed by the long named, Giambattista Bodoni and was inspired by the typeface Baskerville. A very sophisticated and Italian font, Bodoni has a serif style with increased stroke contrast that really puts it in its own class. It has been used in numerous different applications including 18th century Italian books, all the way to becoming a system font for Windows and Mac computers. Famous applications include being used as the logo font for the band “Nirvana” and being one of two typesets that is used by Hilton Hotels for restaurant and bar menu content (for that extra splash of class and sophistication).

Although Bodoni has been around since the 18th century, it still is a classic typeface that will be used in design concepts for years to come.

Nirvana Logo


Wanting something that will bring your design an elegant and sophisticated look? Bodoni will be a great place to start!

Click here for the download link.

Although many computers have Bodoni installed as a default font, you do have to pay for various weights and styles.

How do you like this font? Have you used it in any projects? Let me know in the comments below!

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