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Usually used for research papers or books, Times New Roman is a serif typeface that many take for granted. Originally created by Victor Lardent, Times New Roman’s original purpose was to take the place of The Times in print production because The Times printed badly and quickly became old. Victor Lardent used the typeface Plantin as a base structure, but quickly added revisions in order to save money and increase legibility. It quickly took over as the font used in the newspaper “The Times” during its debut in 1932.Times New Roman


Released for commercial use in 1933, Times New Roman quickly gained popularity. This popularity helped inspire many typeface artists to use this as their starting point. With the help of Microsoft adopting Times New Roman, it quickly became one of the most widely used typefaces in history. Apple was not far behind in using a similar font, Times Roman as their default serif font in their operating systems.





Because Times New Roman is a licensed font, it does have a pricetag, but I will also include a free font that looks very similar!

Click here to download Times New Roman

Click here to download Accord SF (Similar to Times New Roman)

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