These book covers were really fun to create and really helped me hone in my illustration skills with my drawing tablet. The covers are based off of an imaginary book series called “The Bradshaw Investigative Chronicles.” I set these designs in the Crime Noir / Detective era that many mystery books are written in. I even went a step further and made the main characters Brianna (my beautiful fiance) and myself! We are partner detectives, serving justice one case at a time.

I used Adobe Illustrator for most of the project with my trusty tablet. Once I had finished all of that, I brought it into Photoshop and added some grunge textures to give the illusion that they were quite old and were hidden in someone’s attic.



Book One: The Setup

Book Two: The Chase

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  • Brianna

    These turned out really great Jakob!

    • onevio

      Thanks Brianna! I appreciate it.

  • Grandma

    Congratulations, Jakob, on your creations! You continue to amaze me…love you

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