I started this project wanting to create a small identity for a fictional winery. I settled on the name “Cavalli”  and created the logo first. I then decided to focus this project on creating a “Thank You” gift from Cavalli winery to their donors. Each piece helps bring together this idea.

The folder is sent out to those that have donated to Cavalli Winery. These people are usually higher class and donate in order to show their social rank. With this in mind, I centered the folder and marketing materials within to emphasize on how important these donors are. Each folder is of high quality with a silver emboss for the logo. It has a slip on the inner right flap for a business card of a Cavalli staff member. The folder contains a unique certificate that explains that the donor has contributed and should be recognized for this act. It also includes an invitation to an exclusive wine tasting event that only donors are able to attend. Along with these pieces is a personalized thank you letter signed by the president of Cavalli himself.

All of these pieces are marketed towards sophisticated upper-class people who enjoy a fine glass of wine and are willing to show their social status by going to exclusive wine tasting and auctioning events.


Logo & Branding / Layout / Print



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